Corentin Louboutin

Welcome to my personal webpage. I'm currently studying computer science at "École normale supérieure de Rennes" (ÉNS de Rennes).

Here is a pdf version of my cv.

You can read the report of my internship at Aalborg University here

You can contact me at

Curriculum vitæ

2012-2015 Master in computer science
École Normale Supérieure de Rennes / Université Rennes 1
Research-oriented school.
Lectures: automata and formal languages, semantics of programing languages, calculability and complexity, logics and formal verification, systems…
2012 Competitive exam
Received at competitive exam of the ENS of Rennes.
2012 Competitive exam
Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique » (CNSM) of Paris
Ranked 10 (out of 8 positions) at the exam to become professional sound engineer.
2010-2012 French "classes préparatoires" (MPSI-MP)
Lycée Chateaubriand, Rennes
University-level courses required for competitive entrance to exams into top graduate and engineering schools (Grandes Écoles). Mathematics, physics and computer science
2010 Baccalaureate with honours
Lycée Chateaubriand, Rennes

Musical background

1999-2012 Classical guitar
"Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional" (CRR), Rennes.
(prof. Hervé Merlin, André Couasnon)
Mainly classical guitar but also some jazz / improvisation.
2012 Certificat de Fin d’Étude Musicale de guitare (CFEM)
CRR, Rennes
Degree for amateur players.
2011 Certificat de Fin d’Étude Musicale de solfège (CFEM)
CRR, Rennes
Good knowledge of classical music (ear, reading and analysing).
2009–2012 Harmony
CRR, Rennes
(prof. David Lamaze)
Bach’s chorals, inventions, string quartets.
2003–2007 Percussion
CRR, Rennes
(prof. Olivier Fiard)
2001–2007 "Classe à horaires aménagés musique"
École élémentaire Contour Saint Aubain, Collège Anne de Bretagne, Rennes.
Primary / secondary school with strong musical part


Summer 2014 Internship (13 weeks)
Department of Design, Archiecture and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark.
Advisor: David Meredith.
Symbolic Music Analysis with General-Pupose Compression Algorithms. (Musical Information Re- trieval)
Summer 2013 Internship (8 weeks)
Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, France.
Advisor: Mathieu Giraud.
Computed analysis of the development part of sonata forms. (Musical Information Re- trieval)
Techniques used: pattern matching (Mongeau-Sankoff algorithm, extensions), key finding (Temperley algorithm, dynamic algorithm), hidden Markov model.

Programming skills

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