Florestan De Moor

I am a MSc student, in Computer Science, at ENS Rennes and University of Rennes 1. I am currently abroad this year to perform research internships. From September to December, I worked at La Sapienza UniversitĂ  di Roma about privacy-preserving information sharing. I am currently in Montreal at McGill University, working about the integration of analytical tool such as Python Numpy with a relational database management system.
Prior to that, I made a two-months internship at IRISA working on privacy in collaborative filtering recommenders, and a three-months internship at EPFL working on atomic commit protocols.
As many day-to-day applications now struggle with huge amounts of data, the search of efficient and scalable protocols has become a fondamental challenge. I am interested by the design, the implementation and the experimental evaluation of such algorithms. I like also to focus on the privacy threats thay may arise when dealing with distributed and large scale systems.
florestan.de-moor[at]ens-rennes.fr (83D0B3CC)

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