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Joshua Peignier

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I'm currently in the first year of my Ph.D thesis (computer science) in the team EMSEC (IRISA, Rennes, France), under the supervision of Stéphanie Delaune and Véronique Cortier.

Subject: Verification of Security Protocols using Graph Planning and SAT Solvers

Description: Security protocols are small programs based on cryptography, which aim at securing communications. Numerous results were proven to allow the automation of the verification of such protocols. In the last years, numerous techniques and methods were developed to analyse "equivalence properties", and to model several real-life properties linked to the respect of our own private spheres as equivalence properties. The subject of my thesis is about the use of solvers (e.g. SAT or SMT) in the development of efficient tools for the verification of security protocols. This approach is used in the tool SAT-Equiv, and allows for the analysis of a simple class of protocols, with an efficiency far ahead of concurrent tools. The purpose of this thesis is to extend the approach used in SAT-Equiv to a larger class of protocols.

I am looking forward to become a teacher either in high school, or in CPGE ; the latter consist in special classes in France, equivalent to the first two years of a license degree, dedicated to an intense preparation to the competitive exams to engineering schools. I mostly aim at teaching computer science, but also maths if possible.

Curriculum Vitæ

You can download it here (outdated ; update coming soon).