Followed courses

Second year of master (ongoing)

DSL Domain-Specific Languages.
EVL(fr) Software vulnerabilities,reverse engineering of binary code, obfuscation...
SED(fr) Intellectual property and Data Privacy.
SEP Security Protocols - Formal specification and verification of protocols.
SES(fr) Security of Operating Systems.
SOS Software Security - Information flow control, program analysis...
SUP(fr) Security Supervision - Intrusion detection systems...
PEDA Pedagogy - Computer Science Unplugged.

First year of master

ACF Formal programming design course - Isabelle/HOL.
COMP Compilation - ANTLR.
CVFP Software design and verification - Basics in SAT-solvers, SMT-solvers.
INVITE1 Statistical Machine Learning - stat, ACP, clustering, regression, kernels.
SEM Semantic - Coq.
SGP System and process management.
AASR Distributed Graph Algorithms.
BDA Advanced Data-Base.
MEPS Modelization for performances and safety evaluation - Markov chains, queues.
SGM System and memory management.
STR Real time system.
TI Information Theory.
XTRA Initiation to research.

Projects and Internships

Protocol State Fuzzing of an OpenVPN server

Radboud University, The Netherlands - Under the supervision of Erik Poll - 2017.

Implementation of a test harness to automatically infer state machines of an OpenVPN server using LearnLib.

Report - Slides

Native Mutant Generator

University of Limoges, France - Under the supervision of Jean-Louis Lanet - 2016.

Implementation of an ARM disassembler and an API to mutate specific binary sections or instructions without altering the whole ELF structure. The purpose of this project was to generate mutants of the Java Virtual Machine.

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