Adrien Luxey

A French Computer Sciences student who loves the Web

Hi, my name is Adrien Luxey, I study Computer Sciences at the École Nationale Supérieure (ENS) of Rennes, which is a great research-oriented French school. We learn a lot of this: Programming, Networks, System Architecture, Unix of course, but also some trending fields like Machine Learning, Logic Programming, Bioinformatics... Please have a look at the ENS brochure (French).
I also teach myself a lot of computer-related topics, including the crafting and administration of associative websites, and a lot of parallel projects I try to find time to.

I am looking for an internship!

This summer, from mid-May to July or August, our class is advised to do an internship abroad, in an IT-related lab. A great opportunity, isn't it?
I am particularly interested in domains such as Artificial Intelligence and Interfaces, with a strong interdisciplinary componant. Of course, I am opened to any kind of research work, and would be glad to hear your offers.

This page is really scratch, so please consider reading my resume or e-mailing me at adrien.luxey - at - for further information. I am sure we could make great science together!

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