About me

I am Aimenallah Saiad-Sahraoui, currently a 3nd-year student at Telecom Bretagne. I am also in the french last year of Computer Science Master program (University of Rennes 1).

I am particularly interested in multirobot systems.

Information about the 6-month research internship

Please follow this link .


Please contact me using the following e-mail address if you want to know more about me and my projects:
E-mail : (λ x · λ y · x.y@ens-rennes.fr) aimenallah saiad-sahraoui @ens-rennes.fr
Phone: +1 418 656-7777 (extension) 1-6724
Address: Room 3334
Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent
2255, rue de l'Université
Local 1604
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 0A7


Here you can take a look at my curriculum.