I Am Florent Bartoccioni

I am currently a first year graduate student in Computer Science at ENS Rennes, a leading French University for sciences. The approach followed by the school is to provide a "formation to research through research".
I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science with First Class Honours from the University of Rennes 1 in 2017 . In addition, the first two years of my undergraduate studies focussed on Mathematics and Physics in CPGE. Classe Préparatoires (CPGE) is an intensive two-year course to prepare for the competitive entrance into France’s leading colleges.

I am mostly interested in the application of deep learning in computer vision and mobile robots. As part of my studies at ENS Rennes, I am currently working on offline Handwritten Text Recognition using Deep Learning methods with Killian Barrere (supervised by Dr. Bertrand Coüasnon). This research experience allow us to get familiar with state of the art methods based on HMM, MDLSTM, CNN and CTC. I am Highly motivated to expand and broaden my knowledge of research, deep learning, and mobile robot. Therefore, since early November, I am also enrolled in Udacity’s Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree where I will further learn and work with CNN, RNN and reinforcement learning.

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