Rémi Hutin

About me

I am currently a student at the École normale supérieure de Rennes (ENS Rennes) in the computer science and telecommunication department. I also follow the Research in Computer Science (SIF) master at University of Rennes 1.


Email : remi.hutin@ens-rennes.fr

Phone : (+33) 6 81 66 29 81


From February to June 2018, I worked as an intern in the Celtique team, under the supervision of Sandrine Blazy. I studied a specific obfuscation method, called MBA obfuscation, and worked on the formal verification of the semantics preservation of this technique, using the Coq proof assistant.

In 2017, I worked as an intern in the Programming Languages Research Group of TU Delft, supervised by Eelco Visser. I worked on the development of a generator of random well-bound and well-typed programs.

During summer 2016, I worked as an intern in the KerData team, under the supervision of Alexandru Costan. I worked on an experimental validation of a decentralized dynamic geo-replication algorithm.


In 2018, I supervised practical work in software engineering at ISTIC with 2nd year of college students. See the page of the course here (in french).


You can download my resume here.