A summary of my personal reflections

Quick presentation

Last year (2020/2021), I took a sabatical to study several topics of interest to me, aiming to consolidate my general views of "important things".

I wrote down most of my reflections on many topic and used to have a regularly updated public version available here. But I took it down at some point and have not yet produced a new public version to my satisfaction. I intend to do so in some form or other when I have time to do so. Because I am currently sitting on a 200 pages document, this will probably not happen until summer 2022.

wogian ?

"Wog" or "wogian" is a word I made up to refer to this set of reflections. Sometimes, I use "wogian" as an adjective to add in front of things I want to clarify without looking like I am trying to correct everyone. It's convenient for me, nothing more.