Tom Bachard

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

I am a student in computer science at École Normale Supérieure in Rennes, member of the Université Rennes1 in the ISTIC department.

École Normale Supérieure is a group of four high-end French schools which aim is to train future researchers and the Rennes one is affiliated with the Inria and IRISA research centers.

My fields of interest are Big Data, especially machine learning. My academic background is highly mathematically based, but with applicative courses also.

Academic Studies

Bachelor in Computer Science

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

First year in École Normale Supérieure in Rennes. Mainly theoretical computer sciences and mathematic courses and also more applicative ones like introduction to computers networks, security, 3D images synthesis, indexation... This year leads to a internship of minimum six weeks in a computer science laboratory.

September 2017 - Present

Preparatory classes

Lycée Kléber - PCSI/PSI*

Two years of intensive preparation to competitive exams in order to integrate the best french universities in engineering or sciences research. Very general courses which cover the whole scientific spectrum : mathematics, physics (mechanics, thermodynamic, electromagnetism), computer science, chemistry, and even philosophy and litteracy.

September 2015 - June 2017

Baccalauréat Scientifique

Lycée Georges Cuvier Montbéliard - Mention très bien, classe européenne

French equivalent for high school diploma. Achieved in scientific division.

June 2015


École Normale Supérieure
  • Formal languages
  • Algorithmic
  • Theoretical programming (LISP, Caml, C++, Java)
  • Architecture and systems
  • Introduction to networks
  • Security
  • Indexation
  • Image synthesis
  • Mathematics: Statistics
  • Pedagogy
More details in french here.
Preparatory classes
  • Mathematics : analysis, linear algebra, probability
  • Physics : Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Eletromagnetism, Fluid Mechanics, Chemistry
  • Engineering Science : Dynamics, Statics, Kinematics
  • Computer Science : algorithms introduction, Python, Image Manipulation


Aside my computer science studies, I have some fields of interest. I played handball for seven years and still enjoy playing it from time to time.