Vidal Attias

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

I am a computer sciences student at École Normale Supérieure in Rennes, member of the Université Rennes1 in the ISTIC department.

École Normale Supérieure (ENS) is a group of four high-end french schools which aim is to train future researchers and the Rennes one is affiliated with the Inria and IRISA research centers.

My fields of interest are security and network. My objectives are achieving a thesis in cybersecurity, especially network security. My academic background is highly mathematically based, but with applicative courses also.

You can find my resume here.

Academic Studies

Bachelor in Computer Science

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

First year in École Normale Supérieure in Rennes. Mainly theoretical computer sciences and mathematic courses, but also more applicative ones like introduction to computers networks, security, 3D images synthesis, indexation... This year leads to a internship of minimum six weeks in a computer science laboratory.

September 2017 - Present

Preparatory classes

ORT Strasbourg - MPSI-PSI

Two years of intensive preparation to competitive exams in order to integrate the best french universities in engineering or sciences research. Very general courses which cover the whole scientific spectrum : mathematics, physics (mechanics, thermodynamic, electromagnetism), computer science, chemistry, but also philosophy and litteracy.

September 2015 - June 2017

Baccalauréat Scientifique

École Aquiba Strasbourg - Mention TB

French equivalent for high school diploma. Achieved in scientific division.

June 2015


École Normale Supérieure
  • Formal languages
  • Algorithmic
  • Theoretical programming (LISP, Caml, C++, Java)
  • Architecture and systems
  • Introduction to networks
  • Security
  • Indexation
  • Image synthesis
  • Mathematics: Statistics
  • Pedagogy
More details in french here.
Preparatory classes
  • Mathematics : analysis, linear algebra, probability
  • Physic : mechanic, thermodynamic, eletromagnetism, fluids mechanic, chemistry
  • Engineering Science : dynamic, static, kinematic
  • Computer Science : algorithms introduction, python, images manipulation
Computer languages
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • OCaml
Spoken Languages
  • French (mother tongue)
  • English C1
  • Hebrew A2
  • Spain B1


Research internship - IOTA cryptocurrency

Under the supervision of Quentin Bramas, researcher at ICube laboratory

A two months research internship at ICube laboratory in Strasbourg University for the bachelor. I worked on the IOTA cryptocurrency, especially the Tangle structure behind. I wrote a C++ simulator, designed a new network model, found properties of this model and designed two Tangle compression algorithms.
You can find a report here

ICube internship Summer 2018

Student research project in theoretical physics

Under the supervision of Haggai Landa, researcher at LPTMS

A student project proposed by Haggai Landa, during his postdoc at the LPTMS research center. The objective was to study the cooling of a set of ions in a Paul's trap, based on heavy numerical simulations. This was a great initiation to research and although we hadn't the possibility to finish it, was really intensive.

Haggai project image 2015-2017

Forest fire simulator

In order to integrate the École Normale Supérieure

A forest fire propagation simulator written in Python as a personnal project for my application to the Écoles Normales Supérieures. The aim was to study the behavior of a fire with a basic physical model and a certain amount of parameters.
You can find a report here

Haggai project image 2017

Nondestructive testing via eddy current

TIPE for engineering schools

A student research for the competitive exams for the french engineering schools. The aim was to numerically study an impendance change in metal and reacreat numerically a metal environment with a great breach.
You can find a report here

Haggai project image 2016-2017

Ray tracing

ENS programmation project

A programmation project at the ENS, the objective was to implement a ray tracing engine with various extensions like shadows, reflexions, complex objects.
You can find a report here

Haggai project image 2017


I have quite a few non-scientific fields of interest, but I do invest a lot of time in them.

I began playing violin when I was 4, so I acquired a satisfying level to get pleasure while playing. I also listen to quite a lot of classical music, in order to perfect my understanding of the concepts underlying the musical art, and try to feel the subtile variations which bring emotion in a piece.

I also spend a lot of time studying my jewish heritage, especially the north african sephardic culture (more specifically from Morocco), with a special focus on the liturgical masoretic tradition. I also study the different jewish philosophies such as the rigorous lithuanian rational way of thinking or the mystical hassidic movements.