Timothée Haudebourg


I am currently a MSc student at the École normale supérieure de Rennes (ENS) in the computer science and telecommunication department.

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes,
Campus de Ker Lann,
avenue Robert Schuman,
35170 Bruz


Email: timothee.haudebourg@ens-rennes.fr


May-August 2015

On quantifying the energy-efficiency of green leverages in wired networks

Intership realized in summer 2015 in the Myriads team of the Inria of Rennes (France), supervised by Anne-Cécile Orgerie.


Two main techniques have emerge to decrease the power consumption of wired networks. The first one called « Adaptive Link Rate » allows modulation of the link's data rate, and thereby, it offer better control over power consumption. The second one, called « Low Power Idle » allows to power off non utilized network's nodes.

In this article, we propose to evaluate and compare the energy-efficiency of these two techniques. For this purpose, each of them has been implemented into the widely-used ns-3 network simulator as a part of the ECOFEN module.

Download the paper (written in french) here.

Curriculum vitæ

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