I am student in M2 SIF at ENS Rennes. Currently doing my internship (from february to june 2019) in Sequel team at Inria Lille, working on the learning strategies on Undiscounted MDPs with a focus on UCRL and its improvements.

My previous internships gave me the opportunity to work on different subjects. In 2018, at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, I worked on RL studying the impact of the Importance Sampling estimation on the convergence properties of the TRPO algorithm. In 2017-2018, for my M1 project, I participate to a work of survey on the problematic of forecasting energy consumption using various methods to forecast the evolution of time series, I focused on methods implying Neural Networks such as LSTM. In 2017, for my Bachelor's internship, I worked on Decentralized Learning (doing a work of experimentation on real data) in the Magnet team of Inria Lille.