Teaching experience


Year course audience TD TP
2022-2023 Prog2 M1 18h 0h
2022-2023 RES L2 0h 32h
2021-2022 PR M1 0h 20h
2021-2022 NOY M1 0h 24h
2021-2022 Prog2 M1 18h 0h
2021-2022 BD L3 MIAGE 12h 6h
2020-2021 NOY M1 0h 12h
2020-2021 BD L3 MIAGE 12h 6h
2020-2021 SI1 L1 0h 26h

Course information

  • RES: Network fundamentals
    • Teacher: César Viho
    • Page
  • NOY: OS kernel programming with Nach’OS
    • Teacher: Isabelle Puaut
    • Summary: Programming operating system kernel’s features (scheduler, virtual memory, threads…)
    • Page
  • BD: Databases
    • Teacher: David Gross-Amblard
    • Summary: Studying the physical storage of database data / request optimization
  • SI1: Spé. Info 1
    • Teacher: Thomas Genet
    • Summary: Introduction to algorithms and complexity for first year students.
  • Prog2:
    • Teacher: Martin Quinson
    • Summary: C++ programming and OO concepts
    • Page
  • PR: Programmation Réseau
    • Teacher: Yoann Maurel
    • Summary: Introduction to network programming in java (sockets, MQ, RPC, REST)
    • Page