Clément Legrand

Student at the ENS Rennes in computer science

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General information

I'm a M2 computer-science student at the ENS Rennes.
I'm interested in many subjects such as Knowledge representation, optimization and cybersecurity (cryptography), in computer science. I have also many interests in mathematics.
My hobbies consist in programming some heuristics, but also reading fantasy books and play video games.


Courses studied in M1 :

Courses studied in L3 :


A year devoted to the preparation of the mathematic aggregation, which I passed successfully. I did the preparation at the University of Rennes.


Master (first year) of Computer Science.
Master's Internship at Bologna in Italy.
Participation in the Google Hash Code (Qualification Round).
Participation in the SWERC, an European contest.

2017 - 2018

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
ENS Rennes and University of Rennes , Rennes
Bachelor's Internship with the the team ORKAD (CRIStAL) at Lille, in France.
Partcipation in the semi-final of the national Computer-Science competition Prologin .


Post-secondary prepatory school at Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris.
Two year undergraduate intensive courses.
MPSI (First year - Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science)
MP (Second year - Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science)


French Baccalaureate degree (High school diploma).
Lycée Notre-Dame de Grâce, Maubeuge.
Participation in the national schools competition of maths.

Technical skills

Programmation languages



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