My courses during my studies

This page present the courses to choose during my studies.

M1 informatique SIF

You can find here an description (in french) of my different courses.

Semester 1

PDS   Programmation Dirigée par la Syntaxe: Study and conception of before-face of an compiler.
THX   Théorie de la complexité: Classes of space and time complexity.
Analyse et Conception Formelle: Programming certificated, use Isabelle/HOL.
MVFA   Modélisation et Vérification Formelle par automates: Conception of models for distributed systems and use LTL and CTL logics to show properties on these models.
Solver Principles Architectures: Algorithms and principles important to understand the SAT and SMT solvers, the convex optimization and the elimination of quantifiers. This course is an M2 Computer Science course of the Université de Rennes 1, you can find ici an description (in french) of my different lesson.
Traitement du signal: Introduction of signal processing theory.

Semester 2

APS   Algorithmes Pour la Sécurité: Introduction of cryptology: Survey of cryptographic protocols (mathematical bases and implementation of attacks).
COBRA   Combinatorial Optimisation and Related Algorithms: Lineaire programming (problem modeling, implementation and lineaire programming algorithms), Duality theory.
Logique et Représentation des Connaissances: Study of modal logic in the context of artificial intelligence
BDA   Base de Données Avancée: Explain practical process of the databases (index, optimisation, SQL language) and theorical aspect of the databases like  descriptive complexityc.
Théorie de l'Information: Formal definition and study of information and information system (centralized or distributed)

L3 computer science R&I

You find here an description (in french) of my different lesson.

Semester 5

Prog 1   Programmation 1: Programming languages:  OCaml, Scala
Algo 1   Algorithmique 1: Correction and termination of algorithms, sort algorithms, graph algorithms, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming
ArcSys 1
Architecture et système 1: Unix System, C programming, networks
Maths 1   Mathématiques 1: Integral of Lebesgue
Maths 4
Mathématiques 4: Optimization of multivariate functions, cryptography
Fond 1
Fondement de l'informatique 1: Formal languages and calculability
Introduction aux Réseaux Informatique: modelization of computer networks, synchronization, networks security, networks surveillance
Introduction à la sécurité informatique: cryptography, problem  of security, menaces, authentication, access control, compartmentalization

IRESI  ans Sécurité lessons are not in my educational contract, there are lesson additional.

Semester 6

Prog 2   Programmation 2: Programming languages: C++ and Lisp
Algo 2   Algorithmique 2: Problems Class of complexity, approximation algorithm, probabilistic algorithms
ArcSys 2
Architecture et système 2: Processor, assembler
Maths 2   Mathématiques 2: Introduction of statistics, theorize of probability
Formation à la recherche: Visited a searcher, internship search
Fond 2
Fondement de l'informatique 2: Logic and calculability
Système distribué
Algorithmique appliquée au système distribué: Distributed algorithm, coloration of graphs.
Image: Modelization, rendering, animation of image in 3D
Activity of computer disconnected in school (CM)

IMA lesson is not in my educational contract, there is lesson additional.