Léo Henry

About me.

I am currently undergoing a thesis at the IRISA laboratory, in the SUMO team, under the supervision of Nicolas Markey and Thierry Jéron. My subjects of interest are analysis of timed systems and models (Timed automata) and the link between (formal) testing and learning.

Since May 2019, I animate and co-organize a seminar of non-permanent members of the SUMO and LogicA team named Makushita. Our purpose is to help young members (aka us) to exchange on exciting subjects, help them to know each other('s work) better, and train some presentations, especially for undergrad interns. If you want to receive invitations for talks or propose one, contact me! You can also register to the list directly via the list page (INRIA login required). Some of the presentation slides are available here (thanks Hugo for this!).
Notice that with the current situation, Makushita is currently idle...

I was formerly a student at ENS Rennes and Université Rennes1.

Download Resume (2021)


You can also consult my dblp bibliography.

  • Patricia Bouyer, Léo Henry, Samy Jaziri, Thierry Jéron, Nicolas Markey. Diagnosing timed automata using timed markings. STTT 2021 (to appear). PDF
  • Léo Henry, Thierry Jéron, Nicolas Markey. Active Learning of Timed Automata with Unobservable Resets. FORMATS 2020. arXiv
  • Léo Henry, Thierry Jéron, Nicolas Markey. Control Strategies for Off-Line Testing of Timed Systems. SPIN 2018. arXiv


  • Functional Programming: Practical sessions. Class by Barbara Fila, first year INSA Rennes.
  • Calculability: Seminars and practical sessions. Class by Gilles Lesventes, 2nd year Bachelor, ISTIC.


Bureau C208, Irisa/Inria
Campus de Beaulieu
263, avenue du général Leclerc
35042 RENNES Cedex - France