Hello, my name is Simon Coumes



The best way to contact me is by mail at [firstname].[lastname]@ens-rennes.fr


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I am a french 24 years old computer science student. I study at the "Ecole Normal Superieur" in Rennes, France. The ENS is designed to be the top of the french school system for academia. I like mathematics, I like to think and I like to learn. In that regard, many topics interest me and I like to learn new things. I want to develop how I think and to be proud of what I produce.

Research interests

Even though I am interested by many things in computer science and mathematics, my main interests lies with the understanding and modelization of knowledge and reflection.

Current occupation

This year, I am studying at the MPRI (Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique) in Paris. That year is to be the last part of my master's degree at the ENS Rennes, even thought it is taking place within another institution.

Find me online

I have a github account which you can find here and a gitlab account here . Currently, I use github for my git related need. I am however not a part of any coding community.