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what i look like
I am a third year student at the computer science and telecommunications department of ENS Cachan-Brittany Extension, a prestigious French public institution of higher education and research.
I'm currently attending the AI master's degree of the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.

I am mainly interested in Logics and Rewrite Systems. I am also very attracted by computational linguistic.
You will find my Curriculum Vitae on this page as well as sample of work I have done during my studies.

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Since 2008Magistere in Computer Science and Telecommunication at ENS Cachan-Brittany extension
2010First year of Master of Science in Computer Science
2009Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2006-2008Preparatory classes for "Grandes Ecoles", mathematics, physics and computer science

Some Work

  • Answer Enumeration for Conditional Xpath with variables

    Students of the magistere have to do an internship in a research team at the end of their first year at ENS.
    I did mine during the summer 2009 on the subject Answer Enumeration for Conditional Xpath with variables at the INRIA Lille-Nord EUROPE in the MOSTRARE team, supervised by Joachim Niehren. I proposed some extension of the existing efficient algorithms for processing Xpath and Conditional Xpath queries to evaluate queries expressed using Conditional XPath with variables.
  • Getting closer to weakest readings using Rewrite Systems completion

    Second year Internship at the cluster of excellence of Saarbr├╝cken, Germany, supervized by Alexander Koller. Research group Efficient Algorithms in computational linguistics
    Alexander Koller and Stephan Thater have designed a way to both compute weakest-readings and eliminate redundancy for sentences with scope ambiguities, which relies on the use of two rewrite systems. My work consisted in trying to find out the possible impacts of completing these rewrite systems using a procedure like the Knuth-Bendix completion procedure.

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