• 2013 - 2015 : Master's degree in computer science at ENS Rennes
  • 2012-2013 : Bachelor's degree in computer science at ENS Rennes
  • 2010 - 2012 : Post-secondary preparatory classes,
    • University-level courses required in preparation for competitive entrance exams into top engineering and graduate schools (France’s "Grandes écoles")
    • Main subjects studied : maths, physics, computer science
  • 2010 : scientifical baccalauréat (exam at the end of high school) with highest honours

Research experience

  • May - July 2013 : Rhythm transcription in OpenMusic at Ircam
  • September 2013 - April 2014 : M1 research project: scheduling for the cloud, especially Hadoop
    at INRIA Rennes
  • May - August 2014 : Compression based dependencies among rhytmic motifs in a score
    at University College London MuSET
  • February - June 2015 : Scheduling in interactive multimedia systems
    at Ircam, especially for Antescofo
  • September - December 2015 : Audio processing extension for Antescofo
    at Ircam


My main interests

Computer science

  • Languages : OCaml, C, C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Bash, Common Lisp
  • Various projects : github
  • Skilled user of GNU/Linux (Gentoo, Debian distributions), Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Frequent use of Latex

I am particularly interested in formal semantics, real-time scheduling, static analysis, and symbolic representation of music.


  • French horn player since 9 in a conservatory. Orchestra, brass bands.
    French horn
    The instrument I play
  • Music theory
  • History of music Studied music of XXth century, Middle Age, and Renaissance
    Dissertation about links between interpretation and notation in the Gregorian chant.
  • Harmony and counterpoint in the regional conservatory of music of Rennes

To listen to some of my music :


I am very interested in languages, natural or artificial.

Spoken languages :

  • French : mother tongue
  • English : fluent ; European level C1 (TOEIC : 950 / 990)
  • Spanish : moderate
  • Russian : very moderate

Languages I can only write or read :

  • Latin : 1st prize high school category for the European competition Cicero (2008)
  • Ancient Greek : Distinction at French national Ancient Greek competition concours général de grec 2009


  • Handball


Computer science


  • A document about cryptography with elliptical curves I wrote in 2nd year (in French)
  • Do you like parametric curves and polar curves ? If so, I gathered 52 curves in this document.
  • An exam I designed for high school students about differential calculus, trinomial equations, and sequences. The goal is to explore - in a very guided way - a functional equation.



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