Welcome on my web page

Since November 2023, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Automata theory group of the Faculty of  Mathematics, Informatics and Mecanics at the University of Warsaw in collaboration with Sławomir Lasota. We study the deterministic separability problem in timed automaton, and more precisely its link with the synthesis of Church for timed languages.

From September 2020 to October 2023, I was a PhD student in Aix-Marseille Université supervised by Pierre-Alain Reynier and Benjamin Monmege from Laboratoire d'Informatique et Système (LIS) in Marseille on the team Modélisation et Vérification (MoVe). My PhD is focused on the study of the weighted timed games and the strategies used by the two players to play optimally (the thesis and the defense slides). More precisely, the main contribution of my PhD is the introduction of probabilities into strategies to replace the memory used by classic strategies.

You can find on these pages some information about me.