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My career

Professional experience

2023 - now: Post-doctorante researcher
(Warsaw University)
in the group Automata Theory in colaboration with Sławomir Lasota
2020 - 2023: PhD student
(Aix-Marseille université)
in the team Move in LIS with a training assignment
Summ€r 2022: Visite chez Christel Baier
(TU Dresden)
Visit of Christel Baier in Dresden during 3 week to work on the causality in games.
Summer 2020: Master's degree's research internship
(Aix-Marseille université)
Stochastic Strategies in Quantitative and Timed Games, under the supervision of Benjamin Monmege and Pierre-Alain Reynier.
Summer 2019: research intership
(Aix-Marseille université)
Stochastic Strategies in Quantitative Games, under the supervision of Benjamin Monmege and Pierre-Alain Reynier.
Summer 2018: introductory research internship
(Oxford University)
Efficient monitoring of stochastic systems, under the supervision of Stefan Kiefer
2017 - 2018: Master's research project in SUMO team
(INRIA Rennes)
Model checking train networks, supervised by Ocan Sankur, Loïc Hélouët and Nathalie Bertand
Summer 2017: Bachelor's degree introductory research internship in Convecs team
(INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Panorama des modèles et outils de vérification pour les outils probabilistes, supervised by Hubert Garavel


2020-2023: PhD in computer science
(Aix Marseille Université)
Under the supervision of Benjamin Monmege and Pierre-Alain Reynier, Weighted Timed Games : Decidability, Randomisation and Robustness ,
defended on October 24, 2023 at Marseille, jury members:
2016-2020: École Normale supérieure de Rennes student
(ENS Rennes & Université de Rennes 1)
2014-2016: nathematics student
(Université de Rennes 1)

Publications and reports

Publications in international conferences


Recent talks

Counterfactual Causality for Reachability and Safety based on Distance Functions
Weighted Timed Games: Decidability, Randomisation and Robustness
Robustness in Weighted Timed Games
Decidability of One-Clock Weighted Timed Games with Arbitrary Weights
Playing stochastically in Weighted Timed Games to Emulate Memory
Reaching your goal optimally by playing at random

Attending events

September 2023

GandALF 2023, Udine (Italy)
Advanced Course on Petri Nets, Toruń (Poland) - (poster)
August 2023

Highlights 2023, Cassel (Germany)
June 2023

ANR TickTac end-of-project meeting, Paris
Janvier 2023
Discrete mathematics and logic: between mathematics and the computer science, Marseille (CIRM)
September 2022
CONCUR 2022, online
July 2022
HightLights 2022, Paris
June 2022
MOVEP 2022, Aalborg Danemark
June 2022
ANR Delta end-of-project meeting, Marseille
March 2022
STACS 2022, online, technical help on zoom
November 2021
GTVerif annual meeting, Paris
September 2021
HighLights, online
July 2021
ICALP 2021, online
April 2021
WATA 2020-2021, online
March 2021
STACS 2021, online
November 2020
TickTac annual meeting, online
September 2020
HighLights, online
September 2020
CONCUR 2020, online
June 2020
MOVEP 2020, online
July 2018
FLOC 2018, in Oxford university
Attending as a student volunteer.
May 2017
International Workshop on Distributed Computing in the honor of Michel Raynal 2017, Inria Rennes
Séminaires 68NQRT, IRISA / Inria Rennes
Research seminars organized by teams from INRIA Rennes and IRISA.
Séminaires du DIT, ENS Rennes
Computer science research discovery seminar for L3 and M1 students from the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at ENS Rennes.
Mathematic World, IRMAR Rennes
Quarterly seminar presenting mathematical research for undergraduate students.

Student supervision

Administrative activities and collective tasks

February 2022 - August 2023
Elected to the council of the DII department of the UFR science of AMU
July 2023
Member of Artefact Evaluation comitee for FORMATS 2023
March 2022
Member of organisation comitee of STACS 2022, online